Oct 18, 2006

In Memory of Alex Madewell

In an Oklahoma green pasture

Is an unmarked hidden grave

No stone to bear a special verse

Or marker to engrave

Yet still a soul to remember

A branch in a family tree

Still a love in someone's life

In memories and dreams

A man who in his life he traveled

Across a country vast and wide

Carrying pieces of his native ancestry

Buried deep inside

From the Ozarks Mountains and its valleys

To Oklahoma and its tree lined hills

Never settling, always roaming

A destiny to fulfill

And planting seeds of his existence

That across generations would concede

That he had left a legacy far greater

Than money, fame, or greed

For he lived his life a pauper

Never having material gain

But leaving behind a trail of hearts

Always to remain

Like a bee who pollinates the flowers

Like the rain who makes to grow

We are the seeds our ancestors planted

Each a unique legacy to be sown

And the harvest is in remembering

Paying tribute to those who have died

By remembering and honoring

Always cherishing them inside!

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