Oct 19, 2006


So much suffering on OUR Earth
How can WE close OUR eyes?
In a world with so much wealth
How can WE just stand by?
And try to simply ignore
The misery felt by the scores
By the hundreds they fall
Death lingering at their door
Hearts and hands opened wide
Yet OUR world still denies
No food in their bellies
Only the sounds of their cries
Some slaughtered like animals
In genocidal wars
Butchered by evil men
Are the helpless and poor
From the Cherokee Trail of Tears
To the African Sudan
Clans wiped out for their differences
Tagged less important by man
And in the bigger world cities
Left to suffer in pain
Are lost on the streets homeless
Trapped in poverty and chains
Mentally ill on the streets
Or else rotting in jails
No hope for recovery
Their minds are impaired
Situations quite hopeless
Trying to escape
But the obstacles are unsurpassable
Of their dignity they are raped
And AIDS and other diseases
Keep them under government control
No universal healthcare for medicines
It keeps high the toll
Times passes on
And things stay the same
The only thing different
Are the rolls with the names
So much suffering on OUR earth
In a world with so much wealth
NEVER fail to believe
That God travels in stealth
He sees all the anguishing
Hears the cries of EACH child
He watches and waits
As they are exiled
From the necessities of living
While the rest never see the need
And he hangs his head in disgust
At the arrogance and greed!

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