Mar 21, 2007

The Leap of Faith

Four little birds
Perched within a nest
Down instead of feathers,
Upon their tiny breasts;
Their mother comes quite often,
As the little ones sing in tune.
Each day they grow bigger.
There's a lot less room!
Their mouths are all wide open.
They are ready for each meal
Their appetites are growing.
A thing they can't conceal
Then the day - it comes.
It's time for them to learn to fly!
Each of them will join their flocks
To soar within the skies!
The first step is quite frightening.
A leap of faith they find
As one is braver than the others,
Now only 3 are left behind
The others - they soon follow.
Two and then finally three
Mother and father sit watching.
Chirping on endlessly!
One little chick is all that's left.
He's smaller than the rest
Always the last to get fed,
Now his turn at the test
He makes a running start.
But his wings don't flap as strong
Suddenly he hits the ground!
Something has gone wrong!
He is wounded and quite frightened!
His heart pounds in his chest!
Will he lay there to be left to die?
Saddened and depressed?
Full of wonders and despairs.
Is our world - such a complex place?
Sometimes the weak are left to die -
Soon to be replaced
But often times it is the lesson.
That makes the rest to learn
In this case - the leap of faith!
And a mother's quick return!
She sits beside her fallen son.
Soothes him with her beak.
Only stunned and shook up,
His future's not so bleak.
Mother's love the healing force!
A leap of faith in love
And in a world so vast and large.
A miracle from above!

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