Mar 22, 2007

Seasons of Change

The fog is thick and you can smell the dampness in the air
It is the average March day, in between winter and spring
Gloominess looms all around by the drab absence of color
Not even the birds dare to sing…
The trees stand empty, they have cast aside there leafy garments
They are barren to the world, exposed for what they really are
Only branches with bark that has gone gray with the winter cold
Their lonely figures are twisted, knotted, and somewhat bizarre.
The grass is yellowish brown with only a touch of green
Muddy patches where the earth has eroded from the scraping of ice
The sky, full of clouds, but white – ghost like silhouettes,
They are the shadows of lost souls, victims of their own demise
Winter is harsh; it shows no mercy in its taking
It smothers life and gives nothing back but cold and death
Yet in time, spring will come, and with it bring
Life renewed, by one quick breathe
The trees will suddenly be adorned with brilliant luminosity
The grass will be a blend of emerald and jade
And the heavens will become as blue as the oceans
The moisture within the clouds forming an almost magical cascade
Wildlife will awaken; a new generation will be born
Life, a gift, for what the barrenness of the last 3 months has stolen
The rivers will rush, making new streams and such
The bees will again gather their pollen
And the sun shall shine with a brightness that is blinding
And at nights one will behold the great northern lights
And if only for a few short moments we will all enjoy
The magic and the miracles of warm summer nights!

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