Mar 21, 2007

To Fly

With wings of a bird
She flew towards the heavens
Outstretched arms spanning the radiant sky
Her spirit miraculously leavened
Eagles astonished, as she passed them by.
Her arms were as light as feathers
Suspending her weightless form
As she reached out and touched the clouds
Her tears became the raindrops of the rising storm.
The water fell to Earth and filled the glorious oceans
As her eyes followed the path of the burning sun
Its brightness and intensity expressed within her eyes
As the earth on its axis spun…
Circling the world she soon discovered
Places she had never before known
The wealth of so many and the desperation of others
So many people, some truly alone
The borders of the countries from that height were faded
Nothing to show the boundaries because the globe was so vast
People and animals sometimes left to die, unaided
In a world running out of time and resources fast
Traveling through the outer layer of the earths orbit
She encountered space with the awe of a child
As far as the eye could see, she peered intently
A youthful heart opened and curiously beguiled
Stars glistened with an ancient distinction
All sorts of emotion showed on her face
She saw how unimportant mans existence had become
Simply, a lost and forgotten cause – the human race
In a universe so great she pondered
What would it be like to see it all?
Behind her the earth turned round and round
A giant multicolored sphere – it looked as small as child’s ball
Corporal life would go on as usual
But the soaring spirit would see beyond
A small living cell among the many
Becoming like a tadpole in a very large pond.

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