Apr 8, 2007

Victoria's Demise

What makes the soul of any one
Turn to evil on a whim
And what steers them down that road to hell
And makes their hearts to sin?
To take a life through theft and stealth
To murder and defame
To rape and pillage someone's self and home
In search of wealth or fame...
What pleasure is it that blood does give
That taste of bitter lust?
Which makes the average man revolt
And fills us with disgust?
Could it be that some have turned
Their face from God and home
And life for some is an empty shell
Spent in pain and all alone?
And that faith is something foreign
That these now evil spirits do not know
And that their lives are just a catalysis
A place for hate to grow?
For in this modern world one finds
That many things have changed
And emotions that once were unacceptable
No longer seem so strange
Entertainment is filled with violence
Email and news sends many signs
And children see no difference
Although it's out of line
And each day the world seems lessened
In knowing what is right
In yet we sit and question
Those mercenaries of the night!

This poem was written in response to what happened over Easter weekend 2007 in a small rural community. An 84 year old woman was brutally raped and murdered, abducted from her own home when she surprised a burglar.

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