May 11, 2007

Who's Who In America?

Read the story and see if you can identify the characters..............
A country is invaded by Newcomers. Many would call them “illegal immigrants.” These incoming people seem arrogant and pushy. In reality they have just come for a better life for themselves and their children. They make no attempt to learn the native language. They start using up the natural resources of the new land they have come to. The country’s native inhabitants are soon in the way of progress– they are herded together in “concentration camps” and forced off their lands. Many are taken at gunpoint in the middle of the night. Their homes, businesses, churches, schools, are later destroyed. Nothing must remain. The NEW way is a BETTER way – a MORE CIVILIZED way! These oppressed are made to make a forced march, traveling thousands of miles, in the dead of winter snow. The newcomers want them out of the way, hidden from view. Many do not have proper shoes or clothing. Many are elderly, sick, or children. They walk barefoot through the mountains; some drown in the raging rivers, some die of a broken heart and spirit. Some of the “savages” stop to pray to God. They are a strong, proud people and highly religious. Their lives have been filled with a peaceful coexistence with nature. Their history and culture has been rich in national treasures. They are given very little food, even later given blankets infected with disease. Over 4000 people die in one group alone. After they reach the area that the “new regime” says they can live – their children are forced into “special schools.” They are taught to forget who they are, where they come from, they are assimilated into the NEW culture. They have been raped of their humanity, lied to, cheated, forced to beg for everything that once was theirs.

After reading this……………………….who are the oppressors and who are the victims?

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Anonymous said...

The Cherokee Indians were the Natural Born Citizens and our ancestors were the illegal immigrants. Something to think about.