Oct 27, 2010

For Eileen

Where has Grandma gone
She seems to have slipped away
Hidden behind smiles
And dreams of yesterday
Poised within her chair
In distant fields she roams
While quietly in the distance
God is calling her back home
Autumn leaves are falling
Just like in the past
Grandma's death is instant proof
That good things never last...

In fields of glory she was laid to rest
A wreath of flowers upon her breasts
No more to breathe this Earthly air
Yet no more pain, no more despair
A violet was she who dared to live
Pure of heart
And so much to give
A quiet soul who watched from afar
Now gone from this world
But giving birth to a star
To shine on forever in the Heavens above
She was a sparkling angel so full of love
She blessed us all with her spirit of light
And her beautiful smile now illuminates our night!

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