Apr 7, 2011

My Opinion, Does Anyone Agree?

Do you ever question how this country got the way it is? There seems to be an epidemic of stupidity that is destroying the very core of our existence. Every where one looks you can see the signs. Take for example the companies of today. Upper management makes decisions all the time, but you would think that when things fail that they would learn from their mistakes and come up with an alternate plan. Instead they keep right on doing things the same way. It doesn’t matter that the whole situation has destroyed the morale of the lower ranks. Why should they be of any importance? But it does matter. Possibly because it is those people that do the actual work. They toil day to day to keep things going. Like politicians, businessmen and women quite often like to hear themselves talk. They think just because something looks good from the exterior that it is also functional. They can’t see beyond their own egos. To them everyone that works for them is of lower intellect. They believe that these people should check their brains in at the door when they walk into work in the morning. Sad thing is the only thing that separates people from one class to another is the economic status of their wallets.

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