Oct 4, 2011

The Day Mom Died

on a cold January day
only a few years ago
the ground was still frozen
from a long winter's snow
my mom lay there dying
in an old mobile home by the lake
my heart was in pieces
quickly to break
and the phone rang loudly
the timing was all wrong
but I answered it bravely
and tried to be strong
the voice on the line
was short and abrupt
demanding a payment
when my tears would interrupt
"it's not a good time"
I tried to explain
"your mom is late on her bill"
They rudely complained
Well, mom was busy dying
each breath closer to death than the last
and I felt belittled and totally harassed
It's the American way
The best health care system around
but only for the wealthy,
the influential - the renown
God help the poor, the weak,
or the lame
All men are not created equal
And never treated the same
Those in America
with money and means
They worry for nothing
Their grass always green
But those who just survive
Who inherited only their name
are made to feel they deserve less
Embarrassed and ashamed
I find it hard to believe
That "one nation under God"
Was meant to be cruel
With such an arrogant fa├žade

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