Oct 16, 2006

Masters Through Time

The traveler who is nameless

Steps through the portal painted in time

To create his future, yet to behold

A life full of artistry and mysterious rhyme

As Aetion envisioned Alexander

Words flow like an endless stream

Through time and space they are passed down

Transforming into passionate canvassed dreams

Returning back from whence they came

They fall in time upon Shakespeare’s pen

As the eagle flies with its face towards the sun

Immortality of the soul never ends

Again the master is reborn

To once again use the gift that was given

A blessing that transcends one’s self

Through centuries these truths are hidden

Touching the hearts and minds

Of those who descend from royalty unknown

Within each the secret of the talent lays dormant

Soon to awaken – the spirit reborn

And the artist will paint his masterpiece

The poet’s soul will awaken with prose

And for the moment history will be relived

All their existence transposed.

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