Oct 16, 2006

The Cedars of Lebanon

The cedars of Lebanon are once again

Kissed by the bombs of war

As Hezbollah stands in shelter laughing…

The pleas for mercy soar

Israel, a country with a history

Anguish over the destruction

Of those sacred temples or so called mosques

Of ancient divine construction

In the cradle of the Earth

The rivers run red with blood

The Israelites, sons of David

Become like the purifying flood

The Moslems, followers of Mohammed

The prophet with an Arabic name

But who’s to say that him and the Christ

Were not the one and same?

The basin of Mesopotamia is full and overflowing

The ground is like a sinking sand

With hatred bred throughout the generations

Devouring the souls of man

When will it all end?

Only when the children all lay dead in the streets?

When the wrath of Jews and the voice of Islam

Out of arrogance refuse to retreat?

Or when God speaks to all who’ll listen

With roaring thunder and lightening strikes

And time is frozen for the rest of eternity

For Christians, Jews, and Moslem, alike?

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