Oct 16, 2006

Petty Annoyances

I really get annoyed

By petty snide remarks

Sarcastic innuendos

That sets the fire to spark

People are so ridiculous

They seem to get so bent

By tiny things that make no difference

So much energy is spent

On things that do not matter

When you look at the Universe as a whole

Things like disputing the weather

Will not save your soul

Complaints of improper internet posting

Idiosyncrasies in what is done

It will not help the stars to shine

Nor warm us from the sun

The little words spoken in anger

Remarks made in haste

Will not feed the hungry

Nor save us from the waste

This world has more important things

Like children dying from Aids

Old folks suffering from Alzheimer’s

Or the weak being afraid

People need to wise up

Spend time spreading happiness and joy

Quit wasting life and resources

Quit being so annoyed

For the world will become what we make of it

We can destroy her or create

For man makes his own destiny

So what will be our fate?

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