Mar 27, 2007

All In A Day

A tree stands alone,
In a field of golden grain
Its branches softly blowing
From a warm and gentle rain
And the sun is slowing rising,
There within the east
And the world it awakens,
Both nature and its beasts
The flowers they are stirred,
From the early morning mist
Their petals full of color;
From the sunbeams they are kissed.
And a rainbow in the distance,
Gives to all a sign
That miracles are everywhere,
If one only takes the time
To see the Earth and all its beauty,
Sometimes hidden from the view
But with patience and understanding
You can see all life renewed
Like the tadpoles in the little creek,
The bunnies playing in the brush
Or the deer off grazing a fence line,
The music of a thrush
Or the hawk that sits upon the phone lines
Waiting for a chance
To take a field mouse for a meal,
Sitting, waiting in a trance
The heron that stands in the water
Looking like a stick
A coyote hiding, watching,
In a forest dark and thick
So many wonders in this world,
So many to behold
Too little time to see it all,
To watch it all unfold!

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