Mar 27, 2007

Night of Ecstasy

It was the night I held heaven in my hands
When our two souls collided in desire
And I touched the stars by looking in your eyes
And our passion sparked and caught the world on fire!
And the love between us- it forged a trail
Splitting the whole universe apart
But you left inside of me- a marker- a way
Of finding a lighted path back to your heart
And here on this Earth where we were forced
To say goodbye possibly to never be together again
We found our souls they held fast and discovered a way
The moment that love had began
So our spirits built a bridge
Across time un-separated by space
And always together- our hearts transformed
Time standing still forever in this special place
And there in the night in the mystical realm
Where we meet I ask you to stay and never to part
And you reach out and hold me- souls intertwined
And God eternally joins our hearts!

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