Mar 21, 2007

The Cries of Katrina

The water grows higher
There is a stench in the air
People dying, lives in ruin
So much despair is there
They lived in poverty
Before the floods
Their houses were simply boxes
Now swept away by rain and mud
Where will they go?
When all is said and done
Who will feed them and cloth them
When the seasons go and come?
New Orleans, once a city of bright lights
The Mardi Gras where vacationers found
Excitement for the summer nights
Now a city under water
Nothing left in its walls to give
The people are dying
Who will continue to live?
Bodies float down the Mississippi
It is a river poisoned with a Cajun fire
Gators swim in the depths of the water
Looking for human food to acquire
And on the rooftops the people wait
Elderly and children alike
Holding on to the hopes that help will come
And praying another hurricane won't strike
And the night comes swiftly in the swamp land
The night is silent except for the cries
And in the hearts and minds of all affected
They wonder who will live and who will die.


writerwoman said...

Powerful poem! I did a post about it at Poets Who Blog.

Lioness said...

Wonderful poem on the calamity of Katrina! Keep on writing!