Mar 21, 2007

Separation of Class

How far apart are the classes?
One woman is dressed in a Carmen Marc Vavlois gown
She’s attending a social club dinner party
She flaunts expensive jewelry
As she eats pâté on special imported crackers
Sipping champaign and having escargot
She leaves the party in her private limousine
In another part of the country is a man in his late 40’s
He searches his mobile home for pennies
Hoping to find enough money for a loaf of bread
Of course if he gets enough for bread the only meat he can afford
Is canned cat food. This is his pâté.
He does have some stale cookies he found behind a local grocery store
They throw them out when the expiration date has passed
However if you are caught you can be arrested.
It is considered theft even though they were in the trash.
These cookies are his imported crackers.
He won’t be drinking champaign and he can’t afford fresh milk.
Since he wasn’t able to pay his water bill he has no water in his home.
He has no car, only the old broken down truck that sits in the backyard. It needs a water pump, but he has no money to get it repaired.
Since he couldn’t get to work, he lost his job. Without the job he has no money.
And the cycle begins……
He walks to a nearby lake and dips his hands in for a drink.
It doesn’t matter that the lake is polluted.
The vintage, 2006, a good year if it weren’t for the unemployment, the health care crisis, the widespread poverty, the rise of violent crime, etc…
So how far apart are the classes?

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