Mar 21, 2007

Eccentric or Strange?

Within the dark recesses of my mind is hidden
Emotions buried from a long ago time
And in my heart is a sacred chamber
Where mixed emotions hide
In a world where I don’t seem to fit the mold
A stranger to others who take the lead
Am I different, unique, or strange?
Maybe eccentric, some would concede?
I see the world in many colors
The grass isn’t always the traditional green
And I watch as the sun is rising
In the east – shining bright and quite serene
My heart yearns for the simplicity
That the modern age seems to regret
And the play of youth, once an adult
They too soon, seem to forget
I see the rain, as the tears of angels
The clouds, the chariots of passed souls
And within a simple Black Eyed Susan flower
More beauty then one’s eyes can behold
Yet the world envisions a different version
The rain is just rain, condensation at most
And the clouds just clouds, with no hidden images
And farmers plow the flowers under, and boast!
But my heart has become my vision
It sees beyond the opaque surface
It will hold on to hopes and dreams, the charity
Of it’s divinely given purpose
Hoping that others souls will awaken
From their mesmerizing materialistic views
And see the earth and all its radiance
Daily refreshed and life renewed!

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