Mar 20, 2007

We are the Soldiers of the Lord

We are the soldiers of the Lord
In our hand is a cross, not a sword
Our colors, shades of red, like the son
Painted with the lamb and his blood
As we march in a world that seems lost
Facing each day like the first
The Word of God, the Bible, it stands strong
It’s a hunger that quenches a thirst
Our mission to us, it is clear
To stand against evil, no retreat
To shine like a candle in the dark
Temptations from within, to defeat
We are the soldiers of the Lord
Standing fast with faith as our shield
Not knowing where our path will lead
Or what our tomorrows may yield
But truth and love shall prevail
The word of God shall lead the way
And all of the fears and the doubts
They shall crumble and all fade away!

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