Mar 20, 2007

The Hanging of Saddam Hussein

They marched him to the gallows
Shouted “death to tyrants” as they walked
Placed the hemp noose around his throat
While their guns were partially cocked
Doing a service for their country
Was their definition for this feat
A dictator stripped of power and wealth
To hang in shame upon the streets
They taunted and they prodded
Making jokes at his expense
His hands bound tightly and securely
No fighting back in self defense
He was a villain and a killer
He ruled with evil in his heart
He slaughtered the innocent and less fortunate
Condemned them from the start
He relied on family to protect him
His trust he would not share
He defied the world and his own country
With his so famous arrogant flare
Yet still he was a follower of Mohammad
Although wayward and confused
His mind though worshiping Islam
Made anti Moslem the accused
He swore to the world a jihad
And with his fundamentalists views
He swore to annihilate the infidels
Kurds, Christians, and the Jews
But still to someone he was a father
To some mother – her precious son
To the woman in his life – he was her lover
The one whose heart he’d won
Though vengeance may seem the answer
The punishment may seem to fit the crime
No man has the right to take a life
No matter what the time
An executioner is still a murderer
The taking of a life is still the same
Whether you do it in a fit of anger
Or under justice name
Only God can stand in judgment
Only he can see into one’s soul
Only he is the mighty shepherd
That can sacrifice a sheep from his foal

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