Mar 21, 2007

I'll Call Him Jasper

I looked into your green eyes
I could see you were hurting
Your body was thin and malnourished
Covered with scratches and places that were bear
Your eyes were covered with a secretion
You were obviously blind
Your nose was swollen from multiple infections
You were weak, hardly able to stand
There was a severe burn on your tongue
Impossible to eat without excruciating pain
You were terrified because we were strangers
I picked you up and held you
You were so frail, so sick, and disoriented
Life had been so cruel to you
Left alone, abandoned on the streets
During the winter you had huddled in a cardboard box to stay warm
Your only water, filled a puddle, frozen and dirty
Scraps that were thrown to you were all you ate
There were no fancy meals, no luxury hotels
Even with this - you wanted love
A human touch, a bit of kindness
Tears filled my eyes as I held you
I touched your face, your ears
I knew you were scared
It was probably the only time you had known compassion
I silently recited the 23rd. Psalm as the doctor inserted the needle
He had a hard time finding your heart
I hesitated, thinking maybe there had been a mistake
Then I cried wondering if we had done what was right
Soon your body was lifeless
You had left this place
Hopefully to go somewhere better
The receptionist handed me the bill
To her you were only a stupid animal, just a cat
To me you were a sign
That there is more to life than fame and money
More than fancy cars and expensive toys
A wake up call to look beyond the surface
The world is full of suffering
And an act of mercy from a even a stranger
Makes a difference.

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