Mar 21, 2007

Who Will Lead the Children?

Who will lead the children?
When they march in protest in the streets
Who will take their challenge?
Or will they fall to defeat?
When they ask the world for answers
When they question the reasons why
When their happiness turns to sorrow
And their laughter turns to cries!
Who will lead the children?
When the innocence is gone
When the Earth no longer smiles
And the stars have all withdrawn?
When the chemicals have killed the flowers
And polluted all the seas
When the grass is all ploughed under
And we've cut down all the trees?
Who will lead the children?
What example will be set?
As starvation faces all
And self-annihilation is the threat?
Will God come to their assistance?
Or will he let them pay our debt?
Or by then will we have denied him
Will we have taught them to forget?
Who will lead the children?
It's a question we must ask
They are our responsibility
Their future is our task!
"Suffer the little children to come unto me"
Proof that God does care
A promise of his eternal love
Always to be there!
So who will lead the children?
And what direction will they stride
Will the flag they carry be a cross?
Or will faith be swept aside?

1 comment:

Jim O'Leary said...

A moving and timely piece! Undoubtedly Christian. I like the measured solicitation for all generations of children wherever they are in this somewhat tainted world of ours. Maybe, you will look in at me at where you will find some of my poems...and paintings.
This is a Poem with a great and dedicated conscience.