Mar 22, 2007

Mountain Passion

Last night I dreamed of the mountains
It was there I stood beneath the stars
And as I looked down upon the valley
I knew your spirit wasn't far
For within my heart I could feel your presence
And I knew you were there with me
And as we walked beside the mountain stream
We set our passion free!
The beauty was all around
And it was plain to see
That part of you somehow reached out
And joined with a part of me
For what I viewed I believe you saw
And what I felt you knew
And my eyes became your window
And my heart a piece of you
Together we dreamed the night away
And we shared the secrets of our souls
And somehow across the miles and time
We helped each other become whole
The mountains were a vision
Of a plan laid out from above
Of a seed that God planted within us
And of a learning of a special love
A bond between two people
That goes beyond this Earth
A rejoining of two souls
Somehow separated at birth
A love so sweet and gentle
None that can compare
Sharing an existence in life
And dreams always to be there!
The mountains are a symbol
They’re solid and their power great!
And the lives of lovers are predestined
Within the hands of fate
We can not stop the passion
We can not stop the dreams!
We can not break the connection
That true love always brings!
So together we become the mountains
We follow the lights of the stars
And no matter the miles between us
Our hearts are never far
They hold on to each other
Theirs is a strong embrace
And when we close our eyes each night
We’ll see each other's face
Our smiles upon the mountains
The wind calling out our names
And always we will somehow connect
And forever feel the same!

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