Mar 22, 2007

When We Make Love

My heart splits wide open,
When you come deep inside
To the core of my existence,
Where my inner soul lies
The tears they pour out,
With no visible end
The rise of feelings so intense,
That I can not comprehend
Your spirit becomes liquid,
Running together with mine
A fathomless river,
That has outlived time
It is an awakening,
Of a soul long dead
A recollection and a memory,
Of loving promises once said
Lovers across millenniums,
Finding their way back home
Searching the miraculous heavens,
And discovering God's throne!
The answers to life's journey,
They are all right there
'cause when you feel lonely,
You’ll hear my heartbeat in the air!
Love is the prize,
Life’s carousel's brass ring
It is the reason,
Of why the angels sing
It is the medicine,
That cures the mortal wound
It is the instrument,
That sets life's tune
It is the gold,
At the end of the bow
It is the one thing,
That will make us whole
So when you come to me,
In dreams and in thought
It is prophecy being fulfilled,
Our destiny being brought
It is the path of God's unique plan,
We were once souls split apart
So he brings us back home full circle,
By re-joining our hearts!

1 comment:

writerwoman said...

And discovering God's throne!

Great line. I love how this poem describes such an intimate journey.