Apr 17, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui

It was at the Polytechnic Campus
A respected Virginia University
Where an English major senior
Was to graduate in perversity
On an early April morning - gunfire echoed through Norris Hall
And students screamed and ran for shelter
Before their final fall
The gunman stood in total silence
Like a programmed robot without heart
Shooting down the children
Playing out his soulless part
Innocence turned pure evil
He became a devil now possessed
His aim seemed not to miss a one
With death he was obsessed
After 30 or more lay lifeless and bloody
Before it ended more would be dead
And Cho Seung-Hui 's rage would destroy him
And the terror it would spread
And now the news displays this so called "monster"
He was just a boy when all is said and done
A student who liked playing basketball
Someone else's darling son
How could someone so very young
Be filled with so much hate?
How could rage take control?
And condemn him to this fate?
All of our society needs to question
To search until we find a cure
For why these lives have turned from hope and love
Their hearts no longer pure

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