Apr 13, 2007

When You Die

What region of space shall I find you?
Locked away in a world of despair
Where dreams are reversed in dimensions
And poison gasses flow through the air
In a nebula, floating, full of colors
Hydrogen that ignites and explodes with time
Expanding and compressing in rhythm
Like fireworks laid out in a line
It is there that you shall awaken
When you rise from your sleeping cot
When your soul releases long buried passion
And the truth is revealed in your thoughts
The stars, they will sparkle like diamonds
In amongst a backdrop of black
And the design of God’s artistry will entangle
What the human imagination seems to lack
It’s a quadrant of space like no other
Invisible wonders catch hold of your breathe
And one sees with his heart, not his eyes
The moment when life touches death
What region of space shall I find you?
When your spirit turns like the air
Where dreams are relived in suspension
And no where else in the universe compares!

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