Apr 3, 2007

I Awoke In a Dream

I awoke in a dream where the grass was green,
And the skies were a deep dark blue
And all the treasures of this world,
Came to me in you!
I walked with you hand in hand,
Feeling more than I'd ever known
In fertile fields I laid with you,
And the seeds of passion were sown
Your touch, it made my heart,
Sing with a joyous song
Like two sparrows in the wind,
We kissed all night long
The clouds rolled in as we made love,
The desire, it burned so hot!
And deep within our minds and souls,
We were bound together in thought!
We shared a piece of heaven,
There within the night
And somehow crossed, time and space,
By following, loves light!
Miles apart, we both awoke,
And our hearts were strong but why?
Cause somehow,
Dreaming made us connect
Clear across the miles
Our spirits had touched
And joined as one
Proving destiny had, had a hand!
In bringing us together,
In a way we'd understand!

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