Apr 3, 2007

Lonely Is the Heart That Awaits

Lonely is the heart that awaits
Each night for you in her dreams
Aching is the soul, who cannot be whole,
As with the passage of time it bleeds!
Painful is the heart that is broken,
Not by the loss of desire
But by the fact that it is totally consumed,
By loves eternal fire!!!
Empty are the arms that are separated,
That can not touch and hold
Tearful are the eyes that are blinded,
By life leaving them cold
Distant is the mind, who remembers,
The days of shared bliss
And hopeful is the mind that recalls,
All the heartfelt happiness!
Searching is the spirit for undying faith,
Believing that the will can win!
Believing in the love and knowing its right,
Knowing that denying "the soul" is the sin!

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