Apr 3, 2007

Through the Eyes of Children

Through the eyes of children,
Miracles of God are found
And fate, it sometimes leads us,
To hear our own hearts' sound
Sometimes we seem blinded,
By truths that leave us cold
And the future sometimes looks grimmer,
As memories of the past unfold
But then we see the stars,
Set in the little one's eyes
And we see the reason, God's plan,
And how we all must try
To live our lives to his perfection,
To learn that to sacrifice is to fulfil
The grace he has given us,
To live according to his will
Our hearts they find confusion,
In what they sometimes feel
And even things that we love,
We find just can't be real
For each of us, a path is made,
A plan laid out from above
And though it may be a hard one,
It’s sure to lead to love
So we travel life's long journey,
Sometimes we seem alone
But inside us God is guiding,
Bringing each of us back home

1 comment:

Norma said...

This is lovely Debbie. You've really captured the delight and sense of awe that children see.


Nice site. I'm going to look around.