Oct 17, 2008


There were great men of the Bible
Ones that God hand picked
To set the example for the human race
Angelic to depict
They got their start with Adam
With Eden, God did entrust
Later sinned, fell from grace
First man, made of dust
Later along came Noah
He would build an ark and fill it 2 by 2
His sons and daughters would build a nation
To populate the world anew
Peter, he was a fisherman
He left his trade to follow
He would know the Lord
Without Christ his heart was hollow
He would become one of 12 disciples
To later walk in faith upon the sea
Tested by the crucifixion
He would deny his Lord by 3
There was David who had slain Goliath
A giant 5 times his size with arms of steel
With a slingshot and a stone in grasping
In his hand the rock concealed
Goliath fell and set that historical moment
David later would reign as King
From a shepherd boy and flocks in following
Israel out of bondage he would bring
There was Jonah who was swallowed
Faith and courage made that tale
Jonah alive and still well protected
Deep inside the belly of a whale
And Daniel thrown into the Lion’s den
For refusing to not ask and not pray
King Darius had decreed this ruling
Even to his own dismay
But Daniel lived to tell the story
He never doubted his Master’s love
It took a boy to teach the world a lesson
The simple sanctity of the Dove!
There were great men of the Bible
As ancient prophets would predict
Stories of miracles and of healings
That even the modern world can't contradict!

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