Oct 16, 2008


Another year has come and gone
You have added more gray hair
A wrinkle here and a mole or two
You move to the mirror for a stare
Yet the eyes, they are still the same
They sparkle and they gleam
And in your walk is still a skip
The pressure behind your steam
Your smile has grown
And it tends to catch
Passersby's that see it shine
And they smile back and even wink
Following your line
All in all you're still the same
Even though you are gaining age
And in the lines upon your face
Life is written like a page
Throughout our lives we all become
Like a character in a book
But with your laughter, love, and sharing
You can be proud of the path you took!

Birthdays come each and every year
The hands of the clock keep ticking
But to you each day I'll give a rose of red
Sweet flowers to be picking

Time together seems so short
Each day together is a precious gift
At night we stroll under moonlit skies
Our emotions, like the stars, adrift

We explore the world through our hearts
Love guides us down each trail
And that rose a day that I picked for you
Like your beauty never pales!

Dragon Dreams and fairy tales
Castles in the sand
Children imagine all sorts
Those things they understand

Like giants and super heroes
Pet dinosaurs or giraffes
Scary one eyed monsters
Purple elephants that make them laugh

There world is their imagination
It jumps with leaps and bounds
Like a merry go round that's spinning
It keeps their feet up off the ground!


A laugh, a hug, a touch of kind
Warm thoughts and words abound
Sweet songs of love and happy things
Like a blanket to surround
A whisper and a promise
Undying faith in God
A prayer, a poem, a special gift
A wink, a grin, a nod
Such things are joyful in many ways
They brighten up our way
They turn a frown upside down
Making it a Special day!


They say that dogs are man's best friend
I have often wondered why
Until I watched a dear friend's pet
After the day he died.
The dog refused to eat or drink
He slept on top of his master's clothes
He twitched as he lay dreaming
Of balls that he'd been thrown
When he awoke, he wined and barked
He seem to not be alone
He then when out to "their" special tree
Under which was buried his favorite bone
He jumped on "air" and chased imaginary things
And looking towards the sky
He cocked his head hearing his master's voice
And then lay down to die.
They say that dogs are man's best friend
Now I never question why
For their loyalty and endearing love
Doesn't allow them to say "goodbye."

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