Jan 20, 2011

How Poverty Hurts

I often wonder if anyone else
Feels the way I do
Always dreaming and thinking about things
Not knowing how to feel
Like an onlooker, watching
Seeing how the scene plays out
Maybe it is because I don’t know how
To be a part, to join in
Or maybe I am set apart, different
Either way and for whatever reason
There are times when I am lost
Misdirected by not understanding
Why we are on this Earth
So much suffering and anguish
So many fighting to hang on
Most do not seem to notice
How many tears are cried
How many lives seem broken
I seem to feel it all…the sadness, the loneliness, the hurting….
Everyone else’s pain becomes mine and it aches with a longing
A need to understand how this could happen
My soul becomes a conduit of emotion
It trickles through my being and with each second
The serrated edge of poverty’s knife is rubbed against my raw flesh
And I feel…more than any human ever should

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