Jan 20, 2011

God's Visit

Many centuries and generations have passed since the God of Abraham walked among his people, so the Lord wondered “what has changed on the Earth that I created for my children?” I left them my laws to follow and the free will to choose between right and wrong. I gave them the opportunity to learn from mistakes and the courage to go on. I gave them freedom from their sins, a clean slate, and the chance to be like me. Full of greatness, love, and compassion, immortal beings… “I shall walk amongst my human souls and see what they see, feel what they feel, experience what lessons they have learned and taught.”

Looking for a lesson in compassion and attentiveness - as a homeless man God secretly came into existence. In tattered clothes he roamed the city streets. He spoke to strangers about “his father in Heaven.” He talked of miracles and of angels, but the police tagged him as crazy or schizophrenic. No one wanted to hear. The wealthy passed by and spat on him. He was soon robbed and left injured in the street. What was the lesson learned?

For enlightenment in kindness - he then tried appearing as a beautiful white dove, a symbol of peace, joy, and love, but a nearby farmer-hunter shot him in mid flight, just because he was bored and he called it “sport.” The dove fell to the field -laying in the grass, heart racing, and eyes rapidly moving, as the life slowly drained away. A frail limp, feathered body lying all alone and frightened. God’s spirit returned to Heaven. What was the lesson taught?

For an education in humility and purity God appeared to man in the image of Jesus Christ, but he used an Islamic name. Traveling through the Deep South, as a stranger, from the Middle East, his skin was not white, his language not English - the Klan, with ghostly sheets covering their faces, branded him a terrorist and hung him on a makeshift gallows. What was the lesson learned?

He tried transforming into a child, thinking that the innocent and pure of heart would bring out only the best in man, but his earthly parents were too busy for him. He was left alone to be a latch key kid and he found at the hands of a pedophile he was violated, raped, and abused. What was the knowledge gained?

Seeking an insight in respect he appeared as an elderly woman, but because she was old and frail, with dementia, she was placed in a nursing home, and later died of loneliness and neglect. He thought maybe this was an isolated case so he reappeared at a Native American elder. He thought surely I will learn of traditions and rites of passage, but the Reservation youth, having been forced into white man schools, had lost all knowledge of their ancestry and religion and had turned to alcohol as an escape. God was disillusioned.

He contemplated what form to take on next. The idea of man’s best friend came to mind so he changed himself into a dog. He thought surely I will see true love, companionship, and loyalty. At first he was accepted, well fed, and lots of love, but then his owner became bored with him. He was too costly to feed and to doctor. He was pesky when he wanted love. The dog’s owner considered trading him for a new cell phone or a game console, but instead he sold him at auction to the highest bidder. With a spiked chain around his neck, his new owner threw him into a ring, and because he refused to fight, he was beaten and killed.

What kind of education in humanity did God walk away with? Were the tears of the father one’s of pride and joy, or were they tears of sadness, seeing what Christ had died for?

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