Apr 15, 2011

For Charlie

you made this world a better place
by seeing beauty in the smallest things
living in a shack, your wealth was more
than that of millionaires and kings
a leaking roof and pipes that burst
walls so thin, and filled with ice
a broken furnace, no way to warm
but you were more than willing to sacrifice
to give a chance to something frail
that others considered nuisances and pests
To see value where others saw none
Giving so much of yourself to invest
to be willing to watch and to learn from
to find the importance of a warm loving touch
to not be afraid to be different
showing kindness, compassion, and such
to open your heart to wildlife
Especially raccoons with their masks
little bandits that take over your homestead
It isn't that easy of a task
it takes a person who is very special
one with the most generous soul
a person with a great understanding
and it's easy to loose the control
for a man who tires of suffering
watching friends and animals die
who turns inwards for answers and reasons
a man who silently cries
It takes a special sort of bravery
to be different, ridiculed, and more
to not worry about your surroundings
the look of your clothes or decor
so now Charlie, you rest and feel lucky
you've done your share in this life and more
the coons will remember and cherish
the man they so loved and adored!

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