Apr 19, 2011


green eyes shining like molten glass
the Gods of Egypt protect
wrapped up in mystery, witchcraft, and lore
their lanky bodies reflect
the coy nature of their being
and the subtle rumbling of their purrs
the needle like sharpness of their claws
and the softness of their fur
their inconspicuous existence
tenacious in health
a curiosity that takes over
adding to an almost ghostlike stealth
they have been the companions to queens
great mousers in courts
in barnyards they sleep
and on ships they transport
entombed in the pyramids
made into statues with wings
worshipped and honored
even mummified with kings
green eyes shining like molten glass
cast from a deity's design
sharing our lives, our homes, and our hearts
ours souls and theirs, forever, entwined

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