Oct 31, 2011


There is a feeling deep inside
And I can't explain it
An inquisitiveness that fills my soul
And I don't know why
Searching the past to find the future
Bits of truth, questions, buried lies
Faces that share a common likeness
Seeds of time passed through the blood
We are bits of those who have gone before us
Plants springing through the layers of the mud
A word or tradition makes us wonder
An action or feeling of dejavu
In dreams we see the images of strangers
Yet glimpses in their eyes of me and you
We are what our DNA makes us
It is a code that runs like a program or a plan
It tells which paths will someday be taken
The story behind each woman and each man
Each piece is like a piece within a puzzle
Cut in shapes to make the picture come alive
Some left blank to color our own scenery
But each a unique drone within the hive

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