Jun 10, 2012

Some things in life mean much more

I love those small town places
With all those old familiar faces
Roads that travel to and fro and back again
Railroad tracks that children walk
Corners to just stand and talk
Parks for families and groups to go…
I love those small white churches
Streets lined with silver birch
Pizza places and dairy queens…all so serene
Bicycles and roller skates, cookouts with paper plates
Those were the days of family fun.
Tent revivals in the yard, fried chicken cooked in lard
Softball games at the local school…..so cool
Clothes that were hand me downs, toys to pass around
Extra cash just wasn’t easy to find.
But happiness and friends were near, necessities you found right here
No one worried about making it alone…
So, oh, when I dream, these are the things I see
Swings made from old oak trees, with the smell of lilac in the breeze…
If time could be turned back, we’d all feel less harassed
we’d learn to appreciate what we’ve had
But it’s the future now, and this change is all so wild
It’s really all quite sad…..
but we will try and make the best, as we all age and rest
Holding on to the memories, passed loved ones brought
We’ll be richer for the times, and someday we will find
That having more didn’t really mean so much…..
Treasures really aren’t so rare, they are truly everywhere
In the hearts of those our lives have touched!

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