Oct 16, 2006

Preception Rules the Lives of Fools

Perception rules the lives of fools

As the story of life is written

And all those lessons we learn in school

Keeps the mind and heart quite smitten

For each day is an adventure at best

Filled with trials that tests the soul

And no one knows that they have been blessed

Till they reach that celestial pole

When the spirit reaches the wool like clouds

And flies with wings towards the sun

And you find yourself wrapped in an angels shroud

With no where left to run

You hold a star within your hand, unfurled

Watch it as it glows red with fire

Giving forth the light of this whole world

Burning hot with spent desire

Yes, deception rules those lives of fools

Or so it is often written

But miracles break those written rules

When the heart, in love is bitten

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