Jan 11, 2010

He stands upon the mountain


He stands upon the mountain

Towards the precipice

Peering out upon the valleys and the tree lined forests

A hawk flies low overhead and in the stream below he spies a beaver

Building a dam…

This beautiful countryside

Seemingly untouched by man

Nature at it’s best

A small corner of a world that seems lost

The wolf howls in the distance and the elk run

The sunshine is at its peak

A gorgeous summer day

In the distance nothing is heard but rushing water

And a crow calling for a mate

And if you listen very close you can hear the flapping of small hummingbird wings

Soft and soothing like the angels themselves

If only it could remain

Sacred to all and protected

A place to go when life seems cruel and unjust

But soon it too will be overtaken, marred by the reality

That man destroys that which they don’t understand

Those things that they should admire

That should amaze them ….

When will we learn? When shall we finally see?

When shall the truth replace the lie?

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