Feb 5, 2010

He Who Is God

In His hands he holds the World
His breath is the warm summer breeze
His wrath the winter cold unleashed
Shown as ice upon His trees
When He cries it rains profusely
And when he smiles the Sun - it shines
And arched across the sky, is a rainbow
His covenant, His sign
He is in everything and in everyone
You only need to look, listen, and to believe
If you open up your mind and heart he will come
Your soul's salvation to receive
Your spirit will become a temple and his grace shall cleanse you
His relationship with you is built on a foundation of trust
To Him we owe our very existence
He made us all from Earthen dust
We are His people, designed in His image
It is Faith that sets the mold
Left up to us to learn His laws
His standards to uphold
We can succeed him or be wiped from being
All in the blink of an eye
It is our choice, free will that He gave us
To live eternal or to sadly die
The path is clear
easy, is the right way to choose
Yet millions deny him and turn away
They are imbeciles and fools
For material wealth they offer up eternity
Trading their heritage for silver and gold
Going through life alone and lost
Never a part of His chosen Fold

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