Apr 8, 2010

In a world alone and free of spirits


In a world alone and free of spirits

The wind howls and ghostlike images emerge

As the moon rises and the stars set

The rivers are tranquil - at a standstill

Silence breaks with eerie unknown whispers

Past lives surfacing, faces familiar, yet unknown

Remnants of forgotten times

Misplaced loyalties, lives out of order

A sword in hand

A spear, a bow

Defending life and limb

Then passing onwards in time

Lost in the eons

Adrift in space,

There is only non lineal motion

Never going back

Not moving forward

Never truly living

Never dying

Yet crossing over

Passing through

Shifting like sand in a sifter

Filling an egg timer

And then it is turned over

And it all begins again

The sand is trapped,

Caught inside the hourglass

Suspended forever

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