May 11, 2010

The Crusaders

we find it difficult to accept those things that make us feel less than what we are
those snide remarks from uncaring people that insults our intelligence
or that breaks our moral code of right and wrong
in a world that sometimes seems so cruel and heartless
we journey down a path that often times is quite lonely
seeming set apart, we carry a large burden on our shoulders
worrying about those who are unable to stand up for themselves
they need someone to carry the cross so that they survive
it is not that they are less deserving or ask to be poor
their palms have just not been greased with the almighty dollar
their hearts are tuned to love instead of selfishness
it is those pure of heart, those that shed the tears for all humanity
they are the saving grace of all the world
their empathy knows the unseen truths and feels for every downtrodden soul
living life in pain and anguish, wearing a false smile upon their face
so as not to show the weakness that would truly be their undoing
Yet having more internal strength than even they actually realize
These are the crusaders


Bleeding poetry said...

i like this poem, i can relate

Catherine Mackie said...

Hi Debbie. Was searching for my blog which it appears is unsearchable and found yours instead. Enjoyed the poems I read. Found them thought-provoking. I found two little 'criticisms'. Firstly, is there an error in the line "or that breaks are moral code of right and wrong"? Should it read "breaks our moral..."? Now I've forgotten the other one, but I think it was the word chaos in the poem about God. It had two hh's or something. I point this out because I feel it detracts from your poems, which are written in a style I enjoyed. If you would like to visit my blog it is